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Carol McConnell
Carol is a certified BRFT technician trained in the L.I.F.E. System, Lenyo LUX and MobileCell Com devices. More...

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Why is it important to drink water?
Our bodies are made of 70% water so it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated. Learn more...

What kind of problems does BRFT treat?
Bio-Resonace works with hundreds of conditions each of which is specifically programmed. Learn more...

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Maria Virginia Arce, Costa Rica
"I had vertigo for 7 months. After one MCC treatment, the vertigo went away."

Fernando Ramirez, San José, Costa Rica
"I always use the 'Run' program to work out and my performance is much better. I can do much more without getting tired."

Dulce Maria Landero, Honduras
"I was bitten by a scorpion—after half an hour my whole body was red, swollen and itching very badly. I put on the 'Detox' program with the Fractal and after a few minutes every symptom just went away."

Enrico Perrone, Rome, Italy
"I use the Mobil every time I travel and have no more jetlag by using the 'Weather' and 'Energy Balance' programs. It helps me feel much more relaxed."

Berta Beffa Dober, Switzerland
“I always have a headache when the weather changes—now I use the 'Weather' program instead of painkillers and it works immediately."

Luis Carlos Ordonez, Costa Rica
"I broke my foot and did not need any painkillers—I put the Lenyo Lux directly on the injury with the 'Pain' program and my injury healed much faster. I also used the 'Eye' program every day for two months, I can see again without glasses."

Janina Maroto, Costa Rica
"I had really bad ear problems. The pain went away after only one treatment with the Lenyo Lux."



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