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Carol McConnell
Carol is a certified BRFT technician trained in the L.I.F.E. System, Lenyo LUX and MobileCell Com devices. More...

FAQs about Bio-Resonance

Why is it important to drink water?
Our bodies are made of 70% water so it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated. Learn more...

How will I feel?
Initially, it’s normal to feel tired as your body is healing and needs the rest. Learn more...

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The Place
In Southwestern Costa Rica, nestled amongst abundant tropical gardens and a beautiful river, you'll find the Casa de la Quebrada, a true healing center.
What Do We Offer?
Using biofeedback and energy balancing, we offer diagnosis and treatment options for your optimum health.
Maria Virginia Arce, Costa Rica: "I had vertigo for 7 months. After one MCC treatment, the vertigo went away."
Other Services
We provide additional services of lodging, daytrips, yoga classes, massage therapy and more.


Phone: +011 (506) 2-770-1920

Cellular: +011 (506) 8-820-8002

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